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Model: John Rensten; flowers: Michal Venera/Getty ImagesThe teacher uncaps a small, mysterious glass vial marked No. 25, dunks four paper strips into it, and passes them around the room. My classmates grab the papers and press them to their noses, inhaling vigorously, eyes closed, before beginning to furiously scribble notes. One by one, they reel off their observations. «It’s pastel,» one offers. «Safe for babies?» says another. «Smells like skin!» interjects a third. The woman beside me leans in for another intense, scrutinizing whiff. Her brow knits. Her nostrils flutter. Her breaths come short and sharp (some kind of reverse supersmellers’ Lamaze?). She looks up, triumphant. «It’s smooth, like a Japanese stone,» she says. «Almond!» — Continue Reading BelowThe teacher smiles at me expectantly. «And you?»Oh dear. In my notebook, I’ve written three small words: «I smell nothing.»But then, that’s why I came to scent school. Last year, the Parisian institute Cinquime Sens, whose perfume education courses have fine-tuned the noses of industry types from Dior, Chanel, and Cartier, among others, opened an office in Manhattan, where they now offer regular sessions for amateur enthusiasts. I came here becausein spite of the humiliating bout of anosmia just describedI happen to like scent. I take special detours just to walk by the open, fragrant doorway of my local doughnut shop (a whiff of their dulce de leche flavor will bring you to your knees); I appreciatively inhale my Weleda bodywash every morning; I’d like to bottle and bathe in the smell of hot-from-the-dryer sheets. So, yes, I enjoy scent, but recently, that hasn’t seemed like enough. I want to be one of those peoplelike the zealous sniffer in my classwho really experiences it. Remember Paul Giamatti in Sideways, picking up «the faintest soupon of asparagus» and «just a flutter of, like…nutty Edam cheese» from his pinot noir? People like that sensualists, olfactory hobbyists baffle me. In my wineglass I usually smell one thing: wine. So when I heard about Cinquime Sens, I was dubious. Could a little expert advice really turn my mediocre schnoz into a high-powered smelling machine?I was already quite certain, after all, that all noses are not created equal. Fragrance consultant Ann Gottlieb’s, for instance, is so valuable, she once tried to have it insured by Lloyd’s of London. (They said no. «There’s no way to objectively measure if it doesn’t work,» she says.) Gottlieb functions as a sort of translator between the people who actually concoct fragrances and the boldfaced names who sell them. When Marc Jacobs or Calvin Klein or Carolina Herrera want to launch a new eau, they hire Gottlieb, who has an uncanny ability to sniff multiple rounds of submissions from the most prestigious fragrance houses on the planet and discern which ones have what it takes to make it onto a department store shelf. — Continue Reading BelowWhat’s it like to possess that kind of sense? Gottlieb says it took her years, even after she started her own fragrance consulting business, to trust her own ability. Now she says, «when I smell a fragrance, I have an immediate recall of what it is, and I can guess what some of the main notes are.» With some, she can even guess which perfumer made it. This facility, she says, is «a gift.» But that doesn’t mean the rest of us couldn’t get there with, say carlavermaat , a couple decades’ worth of experience. «Noses are like biceps,» Gottlieb declares. «The more you lift weights, the stronger you get. It’s the same thing with noseseven yours.»Isn’t that sort of like Michael Phelps telling me Olympic gold is just a few swim-team practices away? I suspect that Gottlieb’s talent is like that of an elite athlete: highly honed, and at least partially genetic. When I put this question to biophysicist Luca Turin, coauthor of several books on scent, including last year’s exhaustive Perfumes: The Guide, he informs me that most of us are, in fact, born with the same basic sensory abilities. He even describes his own sense of smell as «only average.»Turin explains that the brain-nose connection is still a bit of a mystery. Basically, whether we stop to smell the roses or, say, get stuck in an airline bathroom, tiny, smelly molecules get Hoovered into the nasal cavity, an open, egg-shape area located at the very top of the nose, which is carpeted in ciliatiny, hairlike sensors covered in odor molecule receptors that can differentiate between some 10,000 different aromas. — Continue Reading Below — Continue Reading BelowExactly how the nose decodes each molecule is the subject of an enduring scent-world debate. The long-standing belief is that odor molecules slot into their corresponding receptors based on their shape, like a lock and key. Turin supports a more controversial theory: that each molecule has a distinct set of vibrations that enables corresponding receptors to recognize and interpret it. Regardless of which mechanism is correct, Turin says what happens next is nothing short of «a miracle.» The receptor cell shoots a series of electrical pulses into the brain, andaha!we get a whiff of rose (or not).Fabrice Penot, the co-owner of ultracool New York perfumery Le Labo, supports Turin’s belief that a naturally keen nose has little to do with being able to savor (or create) an aroma. «It’s true, some people have a very, very sensitive sense of smell, a natural way of identifying scents,» Penot saysbut even some world-renowned perfumers do not fall into that category. «I’m not naming names,» he laughs. «I know some perfumers who are very bad at recognizing ingredients in a perfumereally bad. But they’re amazing artists doing beautiful work.» — Continue Reading BelowStrengthening one’s nose, according to Penot, starts with memorizing basic ingredients. The Le Labo boutique is set up like an old-world perfumer’s workshop, allowing customers to educate themselves about the components of their eaus before they buy them. If their Rose 31, for example, strikes your fancy, an assistant will offer you some of its other 30 ingredients to sniff individually: the sharp cumin; the hot, bright pepper; the musky notes, or drydown, that remain after its sweet knockoff bag , fleeting top notes evaporate.Which brings us back to my day at Cinquime Sens. According to my teacher, Patricia Choux, the perfumer who created Michael Kors Very Pretty and Jo Malone Blue Agava

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Less than one month ago on April 18, Chlo released a statement that its creative director Hannah MacGibbon would renew her contract at the house for at least one more season in an attempt to dispel rumors that she was on her way out. As it turns out www.ukcaricatures.co.uk , the speculation about the designer

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