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«We make fun of ourselves and try to laugh and keep it light

Steve Kerr Is the King of Cool

1 national ranking.

The father looks down as they navigate the sea of fans exiting Pauley Pavilion. «The expectations,» he says, «are a little higher than that.»

cheap jordan sneakers After all, this is mighty UCLA, and the Bruins simply do not lose, not even to Maryland hyped by the papers as the «UCLA of the East.» A one point victory, after it failed to score for the final three and a half minutes, was unacceptable for the greatest college basketball team of all time. After 77 consecutive wins almost three years without a loss! yes, expectations were a little high. cheap jordan sneakers

cheap jordans china The father hadn’t spoken to his son with a fan’s disgust. It was just a fact: Expectations are a little higher than that. That was the essence of Malcolm Kerr. No cheap jordans shoes brash overstatements, no hyperbole. His clear eyed perspective had, by this Saturday night in December 1973, made him one of the foremost scholars on Middle Eastern relations. He was a worldly man, a native of Beirut, like the eight year old in his grasp, and capable of disarming cheap air force you with a smile before systematically picking apart cheap air jordan your argument. When Kerr spoke, he compelled others to listen. cheap jordans china

cheap air jordan UCLA Bill Walton goes up for a shot against Maryland Tom McMillen and Len Elmore at Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles on December 1, 1973. The Bruins won 65 64.(Getty Images) cheap air jordan

The boy sure listened to his father that Saturday night, when the basketball legend of Steve Kerr began: In the four decades since, he has airjordanhot.com won enough championship rings to necessitate a second hand and compiled the most successful start to a cheap yeezys coaching career in the NBA like, ever. No hype here. Just facts: Since Kerr took over the Golden State Warriors in 2014, his team has won an unprecedented 67 or more games in three straight seasons. A seventh finger awaits its bling.

cheap yeezys Seems like a hell of a life, but with great expectations come unexpected and deeply upsetting moments. Kerr maintains his father’s smile, preaching the gospel of joy whenever he can, but there’s a competitive fire in him that’s been forged by the greatest success and most painful loss. cheap jordans on sale He is self effacing, even though his body has been giving out on him since he was 20. He is a convincing strategist without being a jerk about it. And he remains hopeful not even a year removed from the historic Finals collapse the inconceivable failure that became all too real, the Game 7 that shall not be named that reduced his team to a meme. cheap yeezys

cheap jordans from china Yes, the Warriors blew a 3 1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 Finals. The internet hasn let them forget yet.(Getty Images) cheap jordans from cheap jordans online china

cheap jordans on sale Kerr’s pendulum of fortune inexorably swings from one side to the other, and as he speaks with B/R Mag in early March, it is lurching uncontrollably. Having just lost three of five games, the Warriors are hours away from a one point loss on the road to the Minnesota Timberwolves. That night, they fly south 1,100 miles to San Antonio, where they lose again, by 22 points, on national TV in prime time. This happens largely because Kerr sits his four best healthy players, an act that pisses off the league office and sparks a national debate about professional athletes and strategic recovery. cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordans shoes Back in Minneapolis, deep under cheap nike shoes a record number cheap jordans sale of fans filling into Target Center, Kerr is asked how he keeps his players from swerving too far into the depths of bad Cheap jordans morale that verges on depression. His reply is both sensical and disproportionately more profound than the question itself. cheap jordans shoes

cheap adidas «Part of who I am,» Kerr says, «is just finding the cheap jordan sneakers humor and the irony in the bullshit that exists in the cheap jordans china world and our everyday lives. We try to exploit that and have fun.» cheap adidas

cheap jordans in china Except the Warriors aren’t having much fun. The playoffs are looming in the long shadow of last June’s season ending debacle, Golden State is mired in the worst sustained stretch of play in Kerr’s tenure, and Kevin Durant is still out with a knee injury. cheap jordans in china

But looking for panic in Kerr’s face is a waste of time, because there’s that comforting squint around the edges of his eyes when he smiles at you. No desperation here. Just the gospel: «We make fun of each other,» he says. «We make fun of ourselves and try to laugh and keep it light.»

cheap air force «Part of who I am,» Kerr says, «is just finding the humor and the irony in the bullshit that exists in the world and our everyday lives. We try to exploit that and have fun.»(Getty Images) cheap air force

cheap jordans free shipping Some of that outlook comes from his dad, but Kerr has refined a persona of eminent calm a gravity amid the chaos after playing for some of the greatest head coaches in basketball history. From the intricacies of his offensive schemes to the way he answers questions outside the locker room, there are layers to everything Kerr does. Yet as he was asking around for advice before taking the Warriors job, responses from his mentors came back as variations of a theme: You got to Cheap jordans be yourself. cheap jordans free shipping

This is who Steve Kerr is: Driven by anger and ebullience, with good humor to spare, in one of America’s most high pressure professions, his life has been defined by impossible choices every which way. But he continues to thrive by merging contradictions into his own kind of equilibrium and letting the results speak for themselves. His 15 years playing in the NBA now seem miraculous, even if you ignore the miracles and the groin kick, and the 3 1 choke that would follow. Armstrong, who played two seasons in Chicago with Kerr. «But the more time you’ve spent around Steve, you began to see things.»

Now here is some hype to live up to: Steve Kerr has only been a coach for three seasons, but he could end up one of the greatest in professional sports history. To hear it from the people who’ve known him best over his 51 years, cheap jordans in china this greatness this destiny was born in a personal history of joy, drama and defeat on repeat. «He was one of those guys who knew this was what he wanted cheap jordans for sale to do,» says Warriors assistant coach Bruce Fraser, cheap Air max shoes one of Kerr’s closest friends.

Cheap jordans As a senior point guard on the varsity basketball team, Kerr had averaged more than 14 points and made two thirds of his field goals, plus nearly 90 percent of his free throws. Cheap jordans

cheap nike shoes But Kerr was also the starting third baseman (and sometimes relief pitcher) for PaliHi’s best baseball team in decades. At the end of his junior year, Kerr played at Dodger Stadium when the Dolphins advanced to cheap adidas their first ever Los Angeles city championship game. They lost to future MLB star Bret Saberhagen, who threw the first no hitter in the tourney’s 44 year history, but returned to the championship game the following year. cheap nike shoes

cheap jordans sale Torn between a love of two sports, 17 year old Steve had to commit. His dream was to be a professional athlete, but which kind? cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans for sale Kerr mother, Ann, shows a 1995 photo of her with her sons (from left) John, Andrew and Steve.(AP) cheap jordans for sale

cheap Air max shoes Malcolm and Ann Kerr were overjoyed when Steve picked hoops. He had been an emotional child, his mother explained from her office at UCLA the kind who could «contain his emotions more carefully when he had to run back and forth on the court all the time.» cheap Air max shoes

cheap jordans online The problem with basketball, though, was that Steve was barely recruited by any colleges. He graduated without any destination for the fall. The staff at Gonzaga had flown him north to Washington for a tryout, but it didn’t go well. Colorado gave a sniff but passed. Cal State Fullerton eventually came calling and, in lieu of other suitors, it seemed Steve would play a brisk 90 minute drive from the family home cheap jordans online.

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It’s a box every infantry unit wishes to check

India has lost 900 soldiers at Siachen

cheap air force There was the most celebrated extra marital affair in Bollywood history in Guide, the 1965 classic. Less remembered somehow is Prem Pujari (1970), where he played an army lieutenant court martialled and convicted for cowardice in the face of the enemy. cheap air force

cheap jordans in china Dev Anand set the scene at Nathula in Sikkim, obviously based on the famous 1967 skirmish there. The scene has Lieutenant Ramdev Bakshi’s (Dev Anand’s) pet dog at the cheap jordans online border post taking the first cheap adidas volley. He stands holding the dog’s body, in mourning and defiance, refusing to fire back with saying: ‘Woh goli chalayenge, main goli chalaunga, phir woh goli chalayenge. kab khatam hoga ye silsila (They will fire, I will fire, they will fire back, I will fire back, when will the vicious cycle end)?’ cheap jordans in china

cheap jordans online Of course, Bakshi, because he is Dev Anand, escapes, ends up spying for India and, finally, gets his family’s soldierly honour back by returning just in time and defeating what looks like cheap Air max shoes an entire regiment of Pakistani tanks at his village in Punjab, the familiar Khem Karan. cheap cheap jordans in china jordans online

Why did Thursday’s tragic news, of the death of 10 soldiers and an officer on the Saltoro crest line in Siachen, bring this old scene back to me and persuade me to draw what may look like a stretched parallel (though it isn’t)? Because this is the way Siachen has been cheap air force for exactly 32 years now since our army made it its proud home.

In the very first expeditions, we lost an entire platoon of about 30 just swallowed by a large crevice that opened up under their unsuspecting feet. Then the Pakistanis tried, unsuccessfully, to catch cheap nike shoes up and lost their own to crevasses, avalanches and high altitude sicknesses like pulmonary oedema.

cheap jordans sale Then we lost some more, and so did they. In the biggest such tragedies in 32 years, in 2012, an avalanche took away an entire Pakistani army base in Gyari, sort of at the base of the other side of the Saltoro slopes, burying 129 soldiers and 11 civilians, cheap jordans shoes mostly defence contractors. Both sides make varying claims. cheap jordans sale

But the Indian side has by now lost about 900 lives in Siachen; the Pakistanis probably a similar number, if not more, as they used to launch desperate assaults in the past. But both sides say that more than 90 per cent of these casualties were caused by the elements, rather than by enemy fire.

cheap Air max shoes Insert Siachen in place of that Nathu La in Prem Pujari, and the new exchange could be something like: superonsalemall.com We will die in an avalanche, then they will die in an avalanche, then we will die in an avalanche. when will this vicious cycle end? This, in fact, is the cruellest of all military vicious cycles. cheap Air max shoes

cheap yeezys There hasn’t been a shot fired in anger now for cheap jordans online 14 years around the glacier. The ceasefire of 2002 has held nicely here. But casualties thanks to the elements continue, though they have declined with both armies investing in better equipment. cheap yeezys

cheap jordans china Both armies, as macho armies always do, treat cheap yeezys the sector as a badge of honour. You haven’t heard Indian or Pakistani soldiers ever say, let’s call off this joke, we are really hurting. cheap jordans china

Cheap jordans First, it is un soldier like. And second, there is a belief that the other side is hurting even more. cheap jordans sale Cheap jordans

cheap nike shoes We draw satisfaction from the fact that since we moved in there (this was the first of Indira Gandhi’s last two big military adventures in her last year, 1984, Operation Blue Star being the second), the Pakistanis haven’t been able to dislodge cheap jordans for sale us from even an inch. cheap nike shoes

If anything, India captured the one crucial point they owned on the Ridge, the Bana Post close to which this tragedy struck. So, if the Pakistanis are hurting more, let them sue cheap jordans china for peace.

cheap air jordan You get an echo of this from Pakistan. OK, these Indians have the heights, but the stupid fellows are sitting far away from their bases, suffering and dying from the elements, so let them get tired, they will come to their senses. cheap air jordan

cheap adidas The two armies proudly call this the highest battlefield in the world, have instituted special medals for Siachen service for their troops, and regiments on both sides vie for a ‘glacier’ tenure. It’s a box every infantry unit wishes to check. Why bother breaking this cycle of reciprocal cussedness and bravado? cheap adidas

cheap jordans for sale In fact, in my recollection, the one time I have heard a senior enough soldier saying something similar was in 2012, when Pakistan’s army chief, Parvez Ashraf Kayani, expressed pain over the Gyari disaster. There wasn’t much sympathy or understanding for this from our side. cheap jordans for sale

Just as there was zero appreciation of the Pakistani offer last week to help with search cheap jordans on sale and rescue. A bland no thanks was the response but what remained unspoken (with a smirk!) was, look who’s talking. From where you guys are, you can’t even see the glacier!

I have a personal claim to make on the Siachen story, and also a disclosure. I broke it for the first time in April 1984, in India Today magazine; though, in fairness, I should mention that Joydeep Sircar, in a 1982 article in The Telegraph, had talked in detail about the contest that had broken out between the two sides in the high Karakoram. But the blows exchanged until then were either cartographic or of rival mountaineering expeditions.

cheap jordans on sale In the spring of 1984, the Indian Army claimed, spread out and declared it ‘our’ land. So the disclosure is a simple one: Having broken cheap jordans free shipping the story and then followed it for years as a reporter, knowing the cruelty of the conditions that troops from both sides faced uncomplainingly, I had inevitably grown to believe that it was a totally futile war, and the earlier we disengaged provided India could make sure the Pakistanis would never try coming there again the Cheap jordans better and more prudent it would be. cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordans from china I was also among those who watched in deep disappointment as the 1989 talks, the last time we came close to settling Siachen, failed at the last moment. That peacenik belief endured for long after 1989 a little like Lieutenant Bakshi’s ‘kab hhatam hoga yeh silsila.’ cheap jordans from china

I am afraid it is no longer so. And I say this even as I deeply mourn the loss of our soldiers’ lives and salute their bravery. Until a few years back, I would have said, see, this is why we must settle Siachen. Today, I won’t because between 1989 and now, the trust between the two sides has completely disappeared.

cheap jordan sneakers That precise year, 1989, was when the Pakistan army and ISI brought their Afghan strategy of bleeding by a cheap jordan sneakers thousand cuts to Kashmir. Subsequently they have extended it to the Indian mainland. It is no longer possible, or wise, to make local, sectoral settlements or de escalation unless it is a part of a larger normalisation. cheap jordan sneakers

cheap jordans shoes Until then, their failure to take Siachen is an embarrassment to the Pakistan army and let them live with it. cheap jordans shoes

cheap jordans free shipping Our army’s shoulders are broad enough to endure the challenge. To that extent, with the 27 year proxy war, my peacenik mind on this has changed. This is one more reason I thought about Lieutenant Ramdev Bakshi and Prem Pujari cheap jordans free shipping.

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Lo spread, la differenza moncler bambino outlet di rendimento

Timidi rimbalzi per le Borse Ue grazie ai segnali positivi dagli Usa

l’anno prossimo. Piazza Affari guadagna alla fine lo 0,45%, Londra strappa mezzo punto, Francoforte recupera piumini moncler saldi lo 0,12% moncler uomo e Parigi lo moncler saldi 0,13%.

Male invece Wall Street: il Dow moncler outlet serravalle Jones perde lo 0,51%, il Nasdaq lo 0,58% e lo S 500 lo 0,6%. Il deficit commerciale americano salito ad aprile a 40,3 miliardi di dollari, con un incremento dell’8,5% rispetto a marzo, ma ha fatto meglio delle attese. Pesa moncler donna soprattutto il calo dell’export verso l’Europa in crisi. Balzo anche per i prezzi delle case, saliti del 12% annuo ad aprile: si tratta del maggior piumini moncler uomo incremento dal 2006. La giornata americana non moncler bambino saldi dovrebbe per riservare sorprese: l’attesa gi si concentra sulla pubblicazione di domani del ‘beige book’ della Fed moncler outlet online uomo sullo stato dell’economia a stelle e strisce.

Sotto osservazione sul listino milanese i titoli Generali dopo la cessione della riassicurazione vita all’americana Scor per 920 milioni moncler outlet online shop di dollari. Fari puntati moncler outlet anche sulla galassia Pirelli. Trochetti Provera e la famiglia Malacalza avrebbero raggiunto un accordo per la separazione e lo scioglimento di Gpi, la holding che controlla Camfin moncleroutlet-i.org https://www.moncleroutlet-i.org moncler outlet , a monte di Pirelli. Fiat cede terreno dopo piumini moncler scontatissimi che in Germania la performance di vendite ( 11,4%) stata moncler saldi outlet peggiore del mercato. L’euro chiude stabile a 1,3062 dollari e 130,92 yen. Poco mosso anche il cambio dollaro/yen, a 100,24. Lo spread, la differenza moncler bambino outlet di rendimento tra Btp e bund tedeschi, scende rapidamente a 254 punti con i titoli italiani che rendono il 4%.

Le parole di Amari, fiducioso che la «volatilit possa tornare in futuro sotto controllo», hanno spinto il rimbalzo della Borsa di Tokyo che ha fatto registrate la migliore seduta da tre settimane, dopo le forti perdite degli ultimi giorni. L’indice Nikkei ha guadagnato il 2,05% attestandosi a quota 13.533,76 mentre l’indice Topix ha chiuso a 2.6%. Dopo aver outlet moncler ceduto quasi quattro punti luned il Nikkei stava perdendo l’1,5% prima che gli investitori tornassero a comprare in modo massiccio, soprattutto i titoli finanziari che da fine maggio avevano lasciato sul terreno pi del 20%. Sul mercato sono infatti circolate indiscrezioni di un possibile ulteriore allentamento monetario da parte della Banca del Giappone.

Sul fronte delle materie prime, piumini moncler i prezzi del petrolio sono in calo a causa della debolezza dei dati sulla manifattura in Cina. Il greggio Usa, con moncler saldi uomo consegna luglio, viene moncler outlet trebaseleghe scambiato a 92,77 dollari al barile, in calo di 0,7 punti percentuali. Dopo i rialzi sui mercati asiatici, piumini moncler outlet ritraccia anche l’oro in area 1.395 dollari l’oncia.

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